Our mission is to profoundly improve software security and reliability.

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Why we  working at r2c


I love the hackathon weeks, I love being encouraged to make a high impact, I love to be trusted with my craft.

Martin Jambon, Program Analysis Engineer and Documenter Extraordinaire


No one's ever afraid to nerd swipe you with a certain language or tool you've never heard of before. I've definitely learned the most from my coworkers here, and I appreciate how they all believe in our mission to improve security.

Colleen Dai, Security Engineer and Boba Queen ("The Grand Boba")


People really care - about each other, about the mission, about doing their best. There's something special about working on a product that users love.

Adam Berman, Software Engineer and International Frisbee Collector


Our company values

Mutual respect

Mutual respect

Everybody brings incredible skills and unique expertise to the team. We listen to what each of our coworkers has to say, because their insight is valuable, and because they are always striving towards excellence, both in themselves and for r2c.



We respect each other enough to tell the truth, no matter what. We share our concerns and disagreements openly, as well as our praise and appreciation. We are up-front with what we can deliver, and identify unattainable goals early. When we are unsure about something, we ask.



Each member of our team honestly evaluates their work to understand its impact on our users, the company, and the community at large. The world evolves, and we do with it, even if that means giving up on a cherished project when it no longer makes sense.



We believe we can make a positive impact on the world by empowering everyone to use static analysis. This means we design our tasks, projects, and initiatives in service of that mission, so that together as a team we can create something that truly makes a difference.

Paper airplane

Life at r2c

Friday demos

Every Friday, at the end (or in the middle, for some) of the day, we put on some music, hop into a google meet, and show off what we’re proud of that week. It’s a chance to share our excitement, see what others are doing, and cheer on our awesome coworkers. And sometimes, it’s just fun to have your mind blown five times in a row.

The r2c team

Remote fun

Though we are based out of San Francisco, our workplace is a global one. We try to keep our meeting-count low, but we’re always there for each other, to help when someone gets stuck and to talk through ideas together. At the end of each week, we always make time to play games and share the view outside our windows.

Our furry friends

A healthy community of contributors

We wouldn’t be who we are without our enthusiastic community. Somehow, we’ve created a space where people help each other, share security stories, and sometimes just bump into friends. We’re constantly inspired by their suggestions and excitement, and deeply grateful for their contributions.

Our investors

Our Series A funding was led by Jim Goetz at Sequoia Capital and Satish Dharmaraj at Redpoint Ventures. Jim Goetz is an American venture capitalist known for his focus on mobile and enterprise startups, including WhatsApp and GitHub. Satish Dharmaraj is an American entrepreneur and venture capitalist who founded Zimbra, which was sold to Yahoo!.

Aydin Senkut, founder and managing partner of Felicis Ventures, led our Series B funding. Aydin is an original super angel turned multi-stage investor, and has been named on the Forbes Midas List as well as the New York Times Top 20 Venture Capitalists list.

Our advisors

We are fortunate to be advised by experts from the prior generation of security tooling companies, such as Roger Thornton and Barmak Meftah (former Fortify CPO), as well as thought-leaders in the security space like Brendan O’Connor (AppOmni, ex-Salesforce CSO) and Betsy Cooper (Aspen Institute, former CLTC @ Berkeley).

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