Semgrep Pricing

Apply the power of the Semgrep open source command-line tool across your organization. Deploy, manage, and monitor at scale with infrastructure built by the maintainers of Semgrep.

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For private and public projects


  • CI/CD integration
  • GitHub SSO
  • 1 month retention of findings
  • Community Slack support
  • Slack & email notifications
  • IDE plugins
  • Community rule registry


For collaborative teams

$40 USD/mo (per user)

  • Semgrep Community
  • SAML-based SSO
  • 1 year retention of findings
  • 8x5 support (email, phone & chat)
  • REST API & webhooks (policy, findings, scans) beta
  • Private rules beta
  • Admin and user roles beta


For large businesses

Custom pricing

  • Semgrep Team
  • Customer Success Manager
  • White glove onboarding & custom features

Any security team trying to get static analysis working in a DevOps world should check out Semgrep. Having fast code scans without tons of false positives through a CI/CD-native tool is a game changer.


Zane Lackey

 | @zanelackey

Chief Security Officer, Signal Sciences