Semgrep Pricing



  • Unlimited scans and public rulesets
  • Multi-project configuration
  • Dashboard and REST API
  • Slack notifications
  • Community Slack support
  • GitHub SSO

(no credit card or trial period whatsoever)


$40/dev (monthly)

  • Everything included in Community
  • Privately hosted rulesets and recommendation engine*
  • Unlimited security policies
  • Long term data access
  • Jira, S3, DefectDojo, and webhooks
  • 8x5 email, phone, & chat support

Any security team trying to get static analysis working in a DevOps world should check out Semgrep. Having fast code scans without tons of false positives through a CI/CD-native tool is a game changer.

Zane Lackey

 | @zanelackey

Chief Security Officer, Signal Sciences